Ensuring our customers get the best service is our greatest priority. we have carefully selected and partnered with these companies to represent us in their various countries.

Partners in Nigeria

Support Systems Limited, Yaba. Lagos.

Phone: 080 33000090

Delta Systematics Limited, Port Harcourt.

Phone: 080 33386435

GIS Konsult Limited, Ibadan - Nigeria

Phone: 080 38089097

Reslarc Group, Abuja - Nigeria

Phone: 080 38899800

Partners in Other Countries

Contact Authorized Resellers of Esri Software in Nigeria in order:
Resellers in Gabon

Geocom, Gabon

Resellers in Liberia

Roviagate Technologies

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria LTD

We have an office located at Abuja.
If you need further support contact us…
5th Floor Elizade/Toyota House opposite Bolingo Hotel, Independent Avenue Central Business District – Abuja.

Disclaimer Alert!!!

A company posing itself as Esri Nigeria Limited is not certified by Esri nor Sambus Geospatial Nigeria to train/certify users. Individuals are to take note and know that they transact any business with them at their own risk. Read ‘Whois’ Fake Esri – Benefits of Technical Certification