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  • Beef Up Your Titles

    Introducing a new feature to allow you to make titles bold in your FeedWind widgets. You can now make titles bold so they more visible to your users and/or match your website styling. It was already possible to bold titles by using a custom CSS but we thought it would be useful to many of ourRead Mor […]


    UPDATE Oct 20th 2017 We have now corrected the error causing an incorrect container size for widgets. For new users, the problem will not present itself. Some existing users might still experience incorrectly-sized widgets. This can be resolved using the cache clearing method explained below, after which you should not experience this issue. IMPORTANT NEWS OctRead Mor […]

  • FeedWind Pro PayPal subscribers – renewals

    We no longer accept PayPal as a payment method We recently introduced a new automated payment system to upgrade from our existing manual system for FeedWind Pro subscribers. Previously we accepted PayPal as a payment method. However, our new payment system does not accept PayPal payments, so for those existing users who are due forRead Mor […]

  • Introducing Our New “Plus Plan” – Save More Widgets!

    The new FeedWind “Plus” plan Today we are pleased to announce the release of a new subscription plan to allow you to save more widgets. The new Plus plan is $179 per year and allows you to store up to 50 widgets (the Pro plan allows for 20). Now you can create even more widgets underRead Mor […]

  • Content syndication – more popular than ever!

    Is RSS dead? You may well ask if RSS is dead, but in reality RSS is very much alive and kicking. It is true that a number of major content providers such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have deprecated their RSS services. Driven by changes to preferred feed mechanisms, many large information and social media sourcesRead Mor […]

  • Changing a Link Target in 3rd Party Content

    We are often asked whether it is possible to change the link target for links in feeds. This article explains why we do not allow link targets to be changed using our interface. When a feed is published by a 3rd party (for example Reuters, BBC News or even a Facebook feed), there will be in nearlyRead Mor […]

  • CSS for Google Calendar Event Date & Time Elements

    We have just introduced new classes for the Google Calendar widget date & time components. These allow you to customize the date and time with CSS and achieve any styling you want. You can match your website style and make your Calendar Event date/time more prominent in the feed. This article focuses on the CSSRead Mor […]

  • May Newsletter

    Check out the latest news from FeedWind in our May newsletter. This month we released a new Payment Automation feature and published some new articles to help you get the most out of FeedWind. Read the Feedwind May Newsletter   &nbs […]

  • Increase widget load speed

    Your widget loading (and page loading speed) can be negatively affected by a number of factors, but there are also ways to increase widget load speed. We aim to provide the fastest RSS widget available, but there are limiting circumstances which are out of our control. We do apply caching of your widget and refreshRead Mor […]

  • Using Dropbox to host CSS files

    How to host css stylesheets on Dropbox It’s easy to host CSS stylesheets on Dropbox where you can store a CSS file for a custom Feedwind widget without having to store a CSS file on your own server. This is particularly useful where you are using an online platform such as Wix or Weebly toRead Mor […]

  • 📣 Check out the latest news from FeedWind!

    You can check out our April Newsletter here   &nbs […]

  • What is FeedWind used for?

    FeedWind is an extremely versatile RSS widget. With support for so many platforms and implementations, Feedwind is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to display RSS feeds using a customizable widget. Here are some examples of how Feedwind can be used: Tickertape A traditional format consisting of a single line of horizontally scrolling text. TheseRead Mor […]

  • Supported site building platforms

    The FeedWind RSS widget is suitable for many popular site building platforms, both on and offline. We support many website building platforms. Here is a list of those we have successfully tested and created support articles for: Online site building platforms / blogs Blogspot / Blogger Drupal Joomla MoonFruit Shopify SquareSpace Weebly Wix WordPressRead Mor […]


    The latest news and tips from the FeedWind team This month we have been improving a number of aspects of Feedwind operation and features. We are focusing on extending Facebook widget features and upgrading our Pro subscription system. As always, we are increasing the support content available for users with new articles and an upcomingRead Mor […]

  • RSS slideshow banner

    Using horizontal scroll, you can create RSS slideshow banners which use an RSS feed to supply the source slides. When used on a website as a banner, you can control the banner content using RSS feeds and have it update automatically with your latest media and content. You can also overlay logos and messages aboveRead Mor […]

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